[Cdash] dynamicanalysisdefect.value: string or numeric?

Julien Jomier julien.jomier at kitware.com
Tue Sep 30 15:59:04 UTC 2008

Hi Marcus,

 From the database on cdash.org it seems that the value column is 
storing only integers. I think we could change the field type to integer.


Markus Grabner wrote:
> 	Hi!
>     In "index.php", the column "value" of the table "dynamicanalysisdefect " 
> is used as a numeric value (its sum is computed) in the SQL query
> "SELECT sum(dd.value) FROM dynamicanalysisdefect AS dd..."
> However, the column is defined as "varchar(50)". MySQL silently converts 
> strings to integers in the sum, PostgreSQL reports an error in the query 
> above. So my question is if the column "dynamicanalysisdefect.value" can be 
> changed in the database to a numeric data type, or are there other situations 
> where this field actually stores a string which is not a number?
> 	Thanks & kind regards,
> 		Markus

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