[Cdash] dynamicanalysisdefect.value: string or numeric?

Markus Grabner grabner at icg.tugraz.at
Tue Sep 30 15:54:56 UTC 2008


    In "index.php", the column "value" of the table "dynamicanalysisdefect " 
is used as a numeric value (its sum is computed) in the SQL query

"SELECT sum(dd.value) FROM dynamicanalysisdefect AS dd..."

However, the column is defined as "varchar(50)". MySQL silently converts 
strings to integers in the sum, PostgreSQL reports an error in the query 
above. So my question is if the column "dynamicanalysisdefect.value" can be 
changed in the database to a numeric data type, or are there other situations 
where this field actually stores a string which is not a number?

	Thanks & kind regards,

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