[Cdash] CDash wiki install page

Bill Hoffman bill.hoffman at kitware.com
Sun Mar 23 02:54:26 UTC 2008

Trevor Kellaway wrote:
> Bill,
>> No, it should work.  Basically, you have drop back to Dart1 
>> style submit 
>> either ftp or http with ctest.  Then you put the python script that I 
>> attached as the trigger script.  It gets the files from http 
>> or ftp, the 
>> name of the file is given to the trigger script.   The trigger script 
>> which is setup as a cgi bin script then reads in the xml 
>> files and sends them to Dart2 via XMLRpc from python.  
> Excuse the stupid questions, but I've never dabbled with CGI before, so
> all this is new to me (I have done a fair amount of Python though).
> I couldn't workout what all the copying was doing in the trigger script,
> so started from scratch copying from this file, and can now get a script
> to forward via XMLRPC to my Dart2 server OK (by reading the form's
> xmlfile field and doing the XMLRPC send).
> However, I don't understand how to submit to CDash using "http" instead
> of "XMLRPC". How do I forward to CDash?
Dart1 worked like this:

1. put a file via (ftp or http) on a server
2. run a trigger script on the server that moved the file into some pre 
defined location for Dart1 on the disk.

CTest is all setup to do this.  Something like this:

   SET (CTEST_DROP_SITE "my.machine.com")
   SET (CTEST_DROP_LOCATION "/cgi-bin/HTTPUploadDartFile.cgi")
   SET (CTEST_TRIGGER_SITE "http://${CTEST_DROP_SITE}/cgi-bin/Submit.cgi")

Where Submit.cgi is your python script.   The python script will need to 
do the following:

1. read the file that was dropped by ctest
2. send the file contents to Dart2 via xmlrpc
3. send the file to CDash with an http put
4. remove the file


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