[Cdash] build warning/error emails

Alex Brooks a.brooks at acfr.usyd.edu.au
Fri Jul 18 04:04:14 UTC 2008

Hi guys,

We've been using Dart/CDash since the early days of Dart1 and we really like 
it, thanks for all the great work!

One suggestion: when you submit a change that causes a warning/error, Dart2 
would email both a link to the dashboard and the text of the error.  CDash 
only emails the link.  Often the warning/error is trivial, and I'd like to 
see the link right there rather than having to fire up a web browser, log in, 
etc.  Would the text of the error be difficult to add in the email?



Dr Alex Brooks

ARC Centre of Excellence for Autonomous Systems          
(Australian Centre for Field Robotics)            
The Rose St Building, J04                          
The University of Sydney, NSW 2006                      

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