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= TCons =
= TCons =

* [[ITK_Release_4/DICOM/Tcon_2011_04_15|TCon 2011/April/15]], [[ITK_Release_4/DICOM/Minutes_2011_04_15| Minutes 2011_04_15]]
* [[ITK_Release_4/DICOM/Tcon_2010_10_11|TCon 2010/10/11]], [[ITK_Release_4/DICOM/Minutes_2010_10_11| Minutes 2010_10_11]]
* [[ITK_Release_4/DICOM/Tcon_2010_10_11|TCon 2010/10/11]], [[ITK_Release_4/DICOM/Minutes_2010_10_11| Minutes 2010_10_11]]

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Improving DICOM Support


  • Improve the support for DICOM needs by the ITK community
    • DICOM communication layer (PACS connection)
    • type checking
    • minimum DICOM skeleton generation


Communications Discussions

how to test against PACS automatically ?

( thanks to steve piepper)

I had a chance to ask Lawrence Tarbox of Washington University your question
about dicom testing.  Lawrence is a participant in CTK and a long-time dicom
standards participant too (he's actually working on the hosted application
specification, which we should ultimately be compatible with).
For PACS-like testing, he pointed to two well established efforts, linked
below.  Lawrence knows people involved in these and thinks they might be
receptive to seeing integration with ctest and cdash if you want to pursue
that.  In any case I think we can learn a lot from these efforts.
http://www.ihe.net/Connectathon/  (look for the MESA test suite)


Seting up a dcm4che server:

design proposal

ITK Release 4/DICOM/MetaData