ITK/Release 4/DICOM/Minutes 2011 04 15

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Technical Discussions

  • Platforms
    • Windows
      • Visual Studio 2008
      • Visual Studio 2005
  • Additional tests will be needed
  • Need to setup tests with an external DICOM server

  • Tests in gdcm proper that should be fixed:
    • test vrds (make sure rtstructs are printed properly)
    • test image change transfer syntaxes
    • test stream image writer
  • dicom functions:
    • generate tag
    • change tag
    • generate uid
    • get image information
    • repopulate image information
    • get orientation, etc-- save from looking up tags
    • get numerical and string versions of the tags
    • getCTSeriesFromServer (to get proper datatype on the way back)
    • get<imagetype>fromserver
  • gdcmBaseQuery-- if it's in gdcm, why wrap it in dcmtk?
    • use this to have the user to ask for data
  • test nightly, totally script
  • when writing, create new uids and the stuff from the original header to make it relevant
  • also, have a secondary capture automatically generated
  • pass the reader to the writer to get this information to the writer
  • choices must be made, but they should be made at the application level
  • Timewise-- done by the beta release?
    • idea is to have 90%+ done by the 15th of May
    • weekly tconf to keep things hot.
    • CoSMo representative will be preset at NAMIC to make sure something can be used by the community.