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CDash integrates a self-testing framework based on Simple Test

Submitting a CDash Dashboard to the CDash dashboard

No it's not a mistake in the title, self-testing involves submitting a CDash submission to CDash. Here are the steps on how to do this:

  1. edit CDash/cdash/config.php and change the $CDASH_DB_NAME to be 'cdash4simpletest'.

Because the testing of CDash creates and drops the database you need to make sure this database is not being use for any other purposes than self testing. Also, make sure that the $CDASH_DB_LOGIN has enough privileges to create/drop databases on your SQL server

  1. edit the CDash/testing/config.test.php
'urlwebsite'       => 'http://localhost/CDashTesting', 

'outputdirectory'  => '/tmp',

'type'             => 'Nightly',

'site'             => 'yellowstone.kitware',

'buildname'        => 'CDash-SVN-MySQL',
'cdash'            => '',
'svnroot'          => '/var/www/CDashTesting'