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BatchMake Installation

From binaries

BatchMake is currently available as binaries for Windows and Linux. See to donwload the binaries.

From source

BatchMake is an open-source and cross-platform tool. The code is made available for free at


In order to compile BatchMake you will need:


  • Configure and Compile the Insight Toolkit using CMake
  • Configure and Compile the Fast Light Toolkit using CMake
  • Run CMake on BatchMake
    • Set the FLTK_DIR variable to your FLTK binary directory
    • Set the ITK_DIR variable to your ITK binary directory
    • Leave GRID_SUPPORT and DASHBOARD_SUPPORT to OFF (not available for now)
    • You can debugging console on windows by turning the HIDE_CONSOLE to OFF
    • You can disable the splash screen by turning the SPLASHSCREEN variable to OFF

BatchMake Tutorial