VTK/Better Java Support

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   Add CMake options to allow proper Java Packaging of the VTK libraries
   In order to properly build a Java package of the VTK libraries you
   will need to configure CMake with at least he following options:
   Eventually you can customize the following ones for Maven but by
   default they will be filled with a valid local configuration.
      # By default it will contain only the local setup but can be override
      # for release in order to provide the full set of native artifacts
      # Path where the local repos should be stored.
      # The listed value is the default one.
      # Group id artifact for the generated VTK
   Then do a "make install"
   Once VTK is installed inside the install directory you can rely
   on Maven to deploy/install the generated package.
   For that please read the README.txt file that has been pushed
   to the install directory.