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  • Review action items from last meeting.
    • Berk will deprecate compilers.
    • Berk will write a Git whitepaper.
    • Will will write email about ARB to community.
  • Examples in VTK.
  • Use of std:: in VTK.
  • The role of topic leads. (VTK/Managing the Development Process)


Compiler support

  • We should have a document that describes the support level of compilers, much like Qt has.
  • We need to revisit the supported compiler list after each release.
  • There will likely be a release of VTK (5.6) in March 2010.

VTK and git

  • There is now a wiki page describing how people would use git.
  • VTK will move to git in the coming two or three months.

Communicating to community

  • We should finalize roles and responsibilities, then communicate to the community.

Examples in VTK

  • There are now over 100 examples on the VTK wiki.
  • Will they all go to VTK? Will there be a separate examples repository?

Use of std::

  • Currently there is a commit check in VTK to disallow any use of std namespace.
  • We will experiment without the std:: commit check to see if supported compilers can handle it.

The role of topic leads

  • Topic leads would have ownership and responsibility over parts of VTK.
  • VTK needs a development process. This will evolve with the move to git.
  • The wiki needs major cleanup and simplification.

Action Items

  • Kitware will continue work on move to git.
  • Bill will investigate the organization of examples/tutorials into VTK or other repositories.
  • Brad King will remove the commit check of std, and Bill will test out what happens if you use it in examples.

Next Time

Discussion on the scope of VTK

  • Should we work on modularization, glue code to other toolkits?
  • Titan (VTK + informatics) and it's new repository could test out some ideas.