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Using gVim with ctags

cTags makes your life source browsing simple. I've tried SourceNavigator and Ctags so far, and I've begun to like ctags, cause its simple and devoid of the blog of accessories that SourceNav creates.

For example to build tags for ITK:

   1. Get ctags. Comes with a typical cygwin installation. On Debian, 
      apt-get install ctags
   2. Write a script /home/karthik/dirtags
         cd $1
         rm -rf *.*~ # Remove backup files 
         ctags *
   3. Write a script /home/karthik/buildtags
         # Execute this from the root dir or the project
         find $1 -type d -exec /home/karthik/dirtags {} \;
         ctags --file-scope=no -R
   4. Create tags for your projects:
         /home/karthik/buildtags /home/karthik/work/ITK/src/Nightly/Code
      You should now have a file tags in each subtree in your source tree
      and a big tags file in the root ie Code/
   5. Add the following to .vimrc to tell vim to search the tags in the
      current folder followed by a higher level and so on
         set tags=./tags,./../tags,./../../tags,./../../../tags,./../../../../tags,tags
   6. Ctrl ] to jump to the tag definition, Ctrl T to go back. 
      :stj to split and go to definition.
      :help tags in VIM

Installing ICC on debian


Source of example on Proposals:Writing_DICOM_from_non-DICOM


Seen the link on Proposals:Writing_DICOM_from_non-DICOM, but the link it broken, could you update it or send it to me at chbrosso (at)