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<kw_bread_crumbs>prefix=» |small=1|bgcolor=F9F9F9|trim_prefix=User:|on_top_hack=1</kw_bread_crumbs> <kw_include_file>url=*checkout*/scripts/media-wiki-extensions/kwSiteMap.php?content-type=text%2Fplain&root=kwGridWeb%7Cpre=0%7Cwiki_markup=1%7Ccollapse_par=1%7Cpreg_match=/.*\/\*\s*(==.*?)^\*\//sm</kw_include_file>


The following code collects and displays all the pages belonging to the kwGrid category. Categories (and namespaces) can be used to group pages into the same project:


This code lists all the pages the current user has contributed to, excluding the images and the templates (provided that the user did put his templates in the usual Template: namespace) :


This example shows all the medias and images in the Wiki. Note that the Image: prefix is automatically removed for clarity:


Also check how this extension is used to build site maps in the kwGrid project site map page.