TubeTK/Python Development

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  • Allow users to easily create and/or customize TubeTK functionality
    • Ex: Create your own heuristic for automatic seed point generation for use by TubeTK's centerline extraction segmentation algorithm
  • Allow fast programming/prototyping using TubeTK



  • Wrap all of TubeTK into python
  • Source the user's python scripts from TubeTK's C++ code

TubeTK in Slicer

  • 3D Slicer's python page
  • Command-line (XML) python modules:
    • Specify user interface and a single "execute" function (called when the Apply button is clicked)
    • Can access Slicer's global objects, MRML tree, and other command-line modules (even if they are not python modules)
    • Unfortunately, not interactive or dynamic
  • Scripted python modules:
  • Ideally, would want most functionality within python scripts that can be run with or without Slicer
    • Create Slicer-independent python script, and call it from a small python script? Ex.