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  • Promising:
    • CMVS (includes PMVS)
    • Bundler
    • Typical pipeline: Bundler calculates sparse 3D points from input images; input results into CMVS for denser point cloud (examples from blog)
    • Status - running into 64-bit issues (binary provided is looking for 32-bit system libraries) - can build from source (which is evidently buggy on 64-bit from my online searching), or find a 32-bit machine until we know it will work
  • Could be promising, but under development:
  • Not appropriate:
    • iModeller: Must place object on "object pattern" during acquisition
    • 3DSOM: Must place object on "3DSOM Pro mat" during acquistion
    • Code from Pierre Fillard: Simply merges stacks of 2D images into a 3D volume
    • hugin: Panoramas, not 3D reconstructions
    • Z-Anaglyph: Creates red-blue composite images for 3D viewing, not actual reconstructions
    • Gatan products: For electron micrography, looks dependent on their acquisition software
  • Search terms
    • multi-view stereo software
    • structure from motion software

Sliding Organ

  • Fixed test using a .vtk surface instead of a given normal vector image and weight image
  • Fixed coordinate system bugs /w Slicer
  • Style fixes
  • Found bug in AnisotropicDiffusionTensorFunction - not taking spacing into consideration when calculating image derivatives
  • Formalized strategy for dealing with corners - which was refuted by Marc =)