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  • Fixed Windows AnisotropicDiffusive failing tests - thanks Stephen!
  • AnisotropicDiffusive CLI loads into Slicer4
  • Cleaned up TubeTK CLIs
  • Started Slicer + TubeTK documentation (
  • Starting python script for "interactive PDF segmenter"
  • Read "A Non-rigid Registration Framework That Accommodates Resection and Retraction" - Petter and Wells


  • Stable set of dashboard machines now running
  • Radius estimation now working
    • Room for improvement
  • Workflow defined for vascular segmentation from brain MRA from within Slicer
    • Need to convert to python script for Slicer
  • USC needs to be my focus for the next week or two
  • Review of VMTK suggests it has outstanding features, but it isn't an example of "best practices" for a Slicer-focused application
    • We will continue with CLIs that are called from python scripts
      • CLIs provide "algorithm logic"
      • Python provides "application-specific logic"
        • e.g., intuitive user interfaces and gui for chaining multiple CLIs to accomplish a specific task