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  1. failed at reconstruction --> terrible week trying to run some codes
  2. I think to get the reconstruction we need more information on the pictures (position of the camera for each photograph,etc...)
  3. softwares tried :
  • A list of commercial and non commercial softwares is available here
    • OpenCV : I think a script is writable if we have more informations but it could take a long long time
    • CMVS (includes PMVS) : couldn't install but is definitely worth trying CMVS : I recommend you try it on Windows first because the installation was really really painful on my machine :)
    • hugin : correspondence points between photos failed
    • code from Pierre Fillard --> only working for stacks of images
    • java3D on ImageJ : trouble with the installation
    • code in ITK/Example/IO ---> not tested yet ( itkImageSeriesReader + itkImageFileWriter )
    • Rhino , Maya , Strata(has Mac and PC free trial; not tested) : NOT FREE
    • Gatan products : to be tried on Windows (.exe files) :downloads
    • 3dsom free trial on Windows(again!) license code : XysqzHIKLiRv
    • Z-Anaglyph for Windows --. not good, only to create 3D images you can see with blue and red googles
    • Microsoft Silverlight for Windows --> I have no idea how it is working but doesn't seem to be really important
    • iModeller for Windows and Mac --> looks pretty nice (the pdf file shows exactly the kind of stuff we want) BUT it is only a Demo


  • 80% finished Slicer CLI - need to check over + make sure testing is ok
  • Discovered bug introduced in last week's changes, due to regression testing on deformation fields and not transformed moving images
  • Fixed bug introduced in last week's changes =)
  • Helping Luis out with handling vector images in ITK's itkTestMain.h