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  • XCAT validation with MeshValmet (+ scripts for preprocessing and interpreting MeshValmet results)

2011 11 09 XCATValidationResults.png

  • Haussdorf distance not informative
  • Finished writing paper
  • Next priorities - similar to last week:
    • some code cleanup
    • register CT data
    • implement improvements from Marc's suggestions + discussion with Stephen (coarse to fine, normals as matrices to handle corners)
    • documentation on TubeTK wiki


  • done
  1. Grassroots data on Slicer ---> fail Grassroots kitware
  2. Compute Tortuosity documentation on the wiki ComputeTortuosity wiki
  3. XHTML/CSS Tutorials + reproduction of the SPIE Medical Imaging Computer-Aided Diagnosis Workshop website on my machine
  • to do
  1. get the informations about the conference to put on the web site
  2. get access to the kitware website to host the conference site
  3. what else?