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  • Derived mathematical foundations for sliding organ registration work
  • Learned ITK's finite differences classes, + Andinet's anisotropic diffusion implementation
  • Read "An investigation of smoothness constraints for the estimation of displacement vector fields from image sequences", Nagel et al. 1986
  • Worked out framework for registering Ryan's vessel data - extract .tre from .txt gold standard motion field, and register to image
  • Added small test in TubeTK to convert a .tre to an image, given an example image
  • Initial manual registration for Ryan's 'healthy' dataset
  • Fixing up style/comment issues in TubeTK as encountered
  • TODO: run Ryan's vessels through Hua's registration test



  • USC
    • JointHistogram computation time reduced by 75%
    • ComputeContrastImage: still not converging :(
    • Pursuing additional funding
    • Presentation tomorrow: Pseudo-EM, Contrast Image
  • BWH
    • SubK still not cut. Over 1 month at BWH.  :(
    • No word from BrainLAB. Time to pursue alternative
  • TubeTK
    • Fixed failing tests. 2 remain
    • How integrate with slicer: vtkGeometry?
    • QtImageViewer (Ben checking-in)
    • RidgeExtractor: File IO issues