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  • Primary goal: Data from Duke for BWH
  • Near term (2 weeks, July 2nd)
    • Attend NAMIC AHM
    • Determine what is necessary to record data sent to OpenIGTLink from VectorVision system
      • Define data workflow and software architecture
      • Begin implementation
      • Product: powerpoint presentation: 5 slides
  • Medium term (1.5 months, August 1)
    • Investigate simulation of ultrasound from MR/CT
    • Complete IJ article on tensor diffusion
      • Cite grant proposal in article


  • Primary goal: Bump and dent identification on IC images
  • Near term (2 weeks, July 2nd)
    • Explore new features
      • z-score values from three different mean/stdDev joint histograms: add, subtract, and unchanged
      • write program that goes from weiki output to image and computes TPR/FPR scores on that image
      • evaluate a variety of standard deviations for intensity and ridge computations
      • compute dot-product between line (hessian) tangent and normal directions in ES and GDS images
      • Product: ~ 5 slides to USC illustrating path chosen, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Medium term (1.5 months, August 1)
    • Report to USC


  • Primary goal: Compare populations of vascular networks
  • Near term (2 weeks, July 2nd)
    • Review previous processing pipeline with Stephen
    • Research on methods for comparing spatial graphs / adjacency matrices
    • Begin Port and test existing adjacency code
  • Medium term (1.5 months)
    • Process retinal data
    • Complete port and test of existing adjacency code
      • Prepare IJ article


  • Primary goal: ultrasound image processing
  • Near term (2 weeks, July 2nd)
    • Verify Andinet's code: add tests and help with IJ publication
      • Creating tests (sin pattern with known derivatives)
      • Done by next wednesday (June 23)
      • Choose Michel vs BWH
  • Medium term (1.5 months
    • Investigate use of speckle in ultrasound registration
    • Model-based deformation field interpolation
    • 2D-3D registration (data)
    • Simulating ultrasound from MR/CT