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Does anyone have a subroutine in Fortran 90 that writes the grid and the rho,u,v,w,p variables from a 3D code on a structured grid in paraview format?

Probles whit paraview


I am using paraview linked to the openFoam program. It was working ok, but now I'm getting an error message: memory access error. The openFoam program is working well and the paraView start but then it stops and close showing the errror in the terminal. I am workin on Fedora 4. Any sugestion?? Tanks.

ccmake on OS X error

I am trying to build ParaView on OS X (10.4.7), so I installed ccmake (2.4.4). I followed the directions: make a binary directory and cd to it, but when I invoke "ccmake ../paraview-2.4.4" and try to configure, I get an error that the binary and source directories are the same! Is this a bug?

Update: I decided to try Paraview 2.2.1, and ccmake does NOT have any problem....

Update: Nevermind -- had a bad CMakeCache.txt file in the source directory from an accidental attempt to build there.... Oops!

Problem using paraview


I'm a recent user of caelinux and I currently encounter troubles using paraview. I tried to use this application in post processing an OpenFaom calculation. When trying to launch Paraview, it seems to start well, and when graphical interface appears, something like an instability occurs. This log me out of my calinux session. Does any one had the same kind of problems ?

Many thanks for your answers.