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1. VRPN Server setup:

Download VRPN form the following link and compile.

There is a configuration file which also has configurations for space navigator. Make a separate config file with the setting or simply uncomment the config setting in the same file.

 vrpn_3DConnexion_SpaceMouse device0
 vrpn_3DConnexion_SpaceMousePro device0

Run the vrpn_server with this config file. At this point the blue light on the space navigator should turn on.

./vrpn_server -f vrpn.cfg

2. Running Paraview:

NOTE: You have to manually build ParaView from source with PARAVIEW_BUILD_PLUGIN_VRPNPlugin set to ON. We are looking into packing the plugin with distributed binaries onwards.

  1. Start ParaView
  2. Enable the VR plugin in Tools->Manage Plugins... (Select VR Plugin and click 'Load Selected')
  3. On the VR Panel, click on '+ Add...' to add a VR Connections
    1. Type: VPRN
    2. Name: vrconn
    3. Address: device0@localhost
    4. Create an input: Analog
  4. On the VR Panel, click on '+ Add...' to add a VR Interaction
    1. Select 'Space Navigator Grab' and associate with the analog input you created previously
  5. Click 'Start'