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ParaView 2.6.1

Dear ParaView users and developers,

The ParaView 2.6.1 patch release is now available for download from the ParaView web site: There have been a few changes/bug fixes (listed below) included in this release.

changes from 2.6.0 to 2.6.1:

  1. The LOD Threshold slider works consistently. (bug #4522)
  2. Improvements to the EnSight reader
    1. support for time-varying variables and static geometry in 1 file for all timesteps
    2. Fortran binary support
  3. X3D improvements
  4. Exodus II fixes

We hope you enjoy this new release of ParaView.

ParaView 2.6.0

Hi ParaView users and developers,

The ParaView 2.6 beta release (version 2.6.0) is now available for download from the ParaView web site: It is also available through CVS; the tag is ParaView-2-6-0. If you find bugs in the release, please e-mail me; preferably also send me a patch file to fix the problem. There have been several changes since the 2.4 release of ParaView; they include the following.

  • Parallel uniform rectilinear grid volume rendering (vtkImageData)
  • New algorithms for parallel unstructured grid volume rendering
  • Hardware accelerated offscreen rendering using OpenGL framebuffers (supported on all platforms)
  • Improved multi-block support
  • Improved AMR support
  • Animation saving with ffmpeg
  • The mesh quality filter now uses the verdict library (more quality measures)
  • New readers: FLUENT, OpenFOAM, MFIX, LSDyna, AcuSolve
  • Added gradient filter for unstructured data.
  • Picking/Probe/Data Analysis filter improvements:
    • Fix lockup when some nodes lack data in parallel.
    • Use time value from reader for X axis.
    • Save changes in state, trace and batch files.
    • Turn on exodus reader's point data global id array by default.
    • Allow DataAnalaysis filter to open up data sets that lack point data.
    • Fix a bug that occurred in parallel when data arrays were ordered differently.
  • Surface Extraction improvements:
    • Let volume rendering display ignore non tetrahedral cells when volume rendering tetrahedral data.
    • Create vtkOriginalCellIds array to track which 3D cells produce each 2D surface cell.
    • If all the cells in an unstructured grid are already simplices, just copy the input to the output.
    • Add a new attribute type, GLOBALID, which will not be copied piecemeal or interpolated. Ids need to be protected throughout the pipeline because they are identifiers, and not numbers per say, so algebraic operations on them are undefined.
  • D3 filter improvements:
    • Make the D3 filter use vtkIdType instead of int everywhere internally for globalid arrays.
    • Update exodus to deal with globalids stored in vtkIdType arrays.
  • Misc. bug fixes:
    • Integrate attributes filter's GUI page updates while animations progress.
    • AnimationSceneProxy - Fix a segfault when iren (vtkRenderWindowInteractor) was null.
    • XMLWriter - strip trailing whitespace from filenames.
  • Composite Rendering improvement:
    • Turn off multisampling to prevent RLE (run-length encoding) bleeding.

The web site lists precompiled binaries for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX.

We hope you enjoy the new release.