Minutes 120309

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  • Nick Tustison
  • Brad Lowekamp
  • Luis Ibanez

Technical Topics

  • Issues with moving classes out of Review
    • Optimized registration classes
    • Problem with the Resample filter
      • Add test for resampling image of std::complex
  • Brad has created NumericTraits for size_t and std::vector< size_t >
    • concern about making sure that VCL math functions are defined for size_t types
      • We should look for abs() and div() (vcl_abs() and vcl_div() );

Action Items

  • Add test for resampling image of std::complex
  • Get the Resample filter to work with this image type
  • Get the OptResample filter to work as well
  • Add a version of the CastWithRangeCheck macro for pixel type that has multiple components
  • The BSplineInterpolateImageFunction has FIXME issues
    • in lines 304-316.