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Minutes from Gaetan email

This text for the minutes was taken from Gaetan's email following the tcon



The current wrapping system:

  • work on linux and windows with tcl, python and java
  • known to have problems on mac os (java, python) and solaris (java)
  • the problems detailed in the WrapITK article, including the small coverage, and inconsistency in wrapped types


  • 66% of the filters wrapped
  • tcl, python, java
  • python typemaps, to be able to use python types rather than simple itk objects, like FixedArray, Index, Size, ...
  • no typemaps for tcl and java
  • lacks some custom classes from the previous wrapping system in java and tcl
  • tested on linux, mac os, and recently, solaris
  • still lots of problems with windows (especially with java), even if some users have reported using it on that plateform (msvc 7.1 only I think)

What will be better with swig:

  • a lot easier to customize
  • build with python 2.5
  • should help to fix problems with very long file names
  • may help to fix build caused by too big generated c++ files
  • no need to maintain a branch of swig

WrapITK with swig status:

  • swig is still not able to read ITK headers - they still need to be read by gccxml. The output of gccxml is converted to a swig interface with igenerator.py
  • python only
  • made on mac os
  • all currently wrapped itk classes builds with swig
  • no customization from the current wrapitk, like typemaps
  • but some other customizations, like vector support
  • no cmake configurations support
  • based on cableidx and pygccxml, so need python to build
  • problems with cmake dependencies
  • don't group the groups in a few shared modules
  • no template with dict interface
  • require pygccxml cvs and swig cvs because some bugs have been fixed while working on wrapping ITK with swig
  • only a few changes have been made (to respect the wrapping order imposed by swig) in the WrapITK/Modules directory
  • roughly, igenerator.py have took about 2 days of work, modifying WrapITK have took 1 day. The bugs above, and a misunderstanding of pygccxml query interface took me one more day

What need to be done (* mark for what I need help), in the order I think it should be done:

  • fix the cmake dependencies *
  • add the customizations
    • basic types like std::string, std::exception, ...
    • typemaps currently in WrapITK
    • PyCommand, PyImageToImageFilter
  • fix the dict interface for the templates

(at that point, the current python tests should all pass on unix-like systems)

  • support cmake configurations
  • make it work on all the systems, and submit daily tests for all those systems on the dashboard *
  • add support for java (*?)
  • add support for tcl and the customizations from the current wrapper (TkImageViewer2D, TclCommand, ...) *
  • more python customizations: __getitem__(), __len__(), __str__(), ... like in the current optional patch
  • recode igenerator.py in c++ to no more use pygccxml (igenerator.py is attached for the ones who want to have an idea of the work to do) *

(the following items are too be done later)

  • better filter coverage *
  • support more languages
  • ...

What still remain to decide:

  • when switch to swig (I think it's clear that the switch is a good thing)
  • who can/want to work on the the items marked with a "*" in the "What need to be done" section above (any help is welcome for the other items too :-)
  • how to proceed:
    • fix WrapITK with cableswig on windows, or switch first to swig, and make sure it builds on windows after that
    • create a new cvs branch or a new cvs check out