Minutes 101210

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  • Bill Lorensen
  • Alex Gouaillard
  • Ziv Zaniv
  • Xiaoxiao Liu
  • Wes Turner
  • Jim Miller
  • Brad Lowekamp
  • Hans Johnson
  • Vincent Magnotta
  • Luis Ibanez
  • Sean Megason
  • John Galeotti
  • Mark Roden
  • Mathieu Malaterre
  • Cory Quammen

Project Topics

  • Reviewed plans for the Iowa meeting
    • Retouched the Agenda
  • Task order #1 (modifications ?)

Technical Topics

  • Licensing
  • Dashboard review
  • Gerrit workflow questions
    • How to manage patches that were modified ?
    • Should a second patch require full review again ?
    • Problem: the Gerrit comments should be kept.
      • but the reviewer's scores are not kept for subsequent patches.
    • What are the rules for Gerrit to consolidate review rates ?
      • Particularly the +2 versus -2.
        • We would prefer that negative reviews override positive ones.
  • Schedule regular Gerrit review sessions.
    • Add an Expiration date to entries in Gerrit.
  • Hans Johnson: Gerrit change proposal:
    • Add a list of the reviewers names
    • (at least in the Wiki...)
  • Update the documentation.
    • Doxygen

Action Items

  • Luis / Kitware to look at windows machines issues with shared libraries openjpeg
  • Marcus / look at Gerrit customization of the rule for consolidating review scores.
    • See if negative reviews can take precedence over positive ones.
    • See if the list of reviewers can be displayed to the submitters.
  • Brad D. to complete the workflow guide for Git & Gerrit.
  • Hans Johnson will update the copyright headers of all ITK files.
  • Luis to generate a Weekly build of the Doxygen documentation.