Minutes 092206

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  • Bill Lorensen
  • Hans Johnson
  • Vicent Magnotta
  • Nick Tuiston
  • Luis Ibanez


  • ITK Survey
    • Bill suggest to allow users to provide a URL to their papers. In that way they can cut and paste from a web page.
  • Insight Journal and new code for ITK
    • The process moves forward... but slowly
      • Having associate reviewers now, help.
      • Having a subversion repository, help.
  • New paralelized Maurer distance map (only for 3D).
  • Hans made improvements in the Implicit Instantiation
    • It now creates a library along with ITK.
    • Explicit instantiation header are not being installed. We discussed how they should be installed.

Action Items

  • Andy and Luis to look at the failing test in dash11, dash12 and dash13.
  • Luis to talk with Julien about creating a Subversion repository for the code contributed to the IJ