Minutes 090710

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  • Terry Yoo
  • Jim Miller
  • Dan Blezek
  • Vincent Magnotta
  • Bill Lorensen
  • Gaetan Lehmann
  • Mathieu Malaterre
  • Alex Gouaillard
  • Kishore Mosaliganti
  • Ziv Yaniv
  • Gabe Hart
  • John Galeotti
  • Raghu Machiraju
  • Brian Avants
  • Brad King
  • Dave Cole
  • Luis Ibanez
  • Cory Quammen

Project Topics

  • CHANGED TCON TIME TO 11am Eastern Time.
  • Image registration tcon scheduled
  • Second meeting
    • Will happen later than October
    • Suggested location: Iowa

Technical Topics

  • Dashboard tests failing
    • Related to openjpeg and small images.
      • Options:
        • Hide the symptoms  :-)
        • Leave the tests failing and tag anyways.
  • Cleaning Dashboard in following days.
  • Create a branch for new TIFF library.
  • Reported on discussions held during the image registration tcon
    • Gathering use cases in the Wiki page
    • Drafting some code of how the registration code will look like in the future
  • Discussed alternative hierarchy for the itkCostFunction to deal with GetDerivative() method.
  • Discussed alternative designs for the Simple ITK layer
    • Talked about the ARB

Action Items