Minutes 081806

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  • Jim Miller
  • Luis Ibanez
  • Lydia Ng
  • Nick Tuiston


  • Release schedule
  • Transforms refactoring
    • Scale Skew Transforms (Lydia)
    • Inverse Transforms (Jim)
  • Brainstorming for next year maintenance activities
    • Jim Suggested.
      • Streaming Readers/Writers
      • Standard for label images and binary masks
      • Accelerate the CMake configuration of a fresh ITK build (related to all the try-compiles)
      • Making easier to write a DICOM image
      • Accelerate GDCM for reading and writing DICOM
      • Oriented image and gradient calculation. Correcting the orientation of gradient vectors
      • Extraction SSE (Intel Vectorization)
      • Propagate the MetaProgramming support for Vectors/CovariantVector/Point/Matrix operations

Action Items

  • Luis to update Wiki table on IJ papers to be considered for inclusion in release 3.0