Minutes 080307

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  • Jim Miller
  • Kent Williams
  • Hans Johnson
  • Vince Magnotta
  • Luis Ibanez
  • Alex. Gouaillard


  • ITK TransformFileWriter
    • Option of using a TransformIO factory mechanism
    • Matlab issues with endianess
    • IdentityTransform is missing Set/Get Fixed Parameters
  • ImageIOStreaming
    • Nifti is streaming on reading
    • FITS is streaming on reading
    • Some further discussion on how to implement streaming on writing.
  • Registration Optimization
    • Update on the status of testing
    • Comments on the additional efforts for a multi-threading library
  • QuadEdgeMesh
    • Alex provided an update on the new Euler Operators functions for QuadEdgeMesh.
    • QuadEdgeMesh cell interface is now complete.
    • QuadEdgeMeshTraits defines a celltraits compliant with existing cells.

Action Items

  • Add Set/Get [Fixed] Parameters methods to the IdentityTransform
  • Modify the SeriesImageReader to support streaming.
  • Add a /Review sub directory to /Examples and modify CMakeLists accordingly.