Minutes 072806

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  • Bill Lorensen
  • Luis Ibanez
  • Hans Johnson
  • Nick Tuiston


  • Too many errors in Valgrind
  • We are OK with the CMake 2.4 update
  • When to start reviewing for MICCAI Open Source Workshop ?
    • deadline ??
  • VXL Thread safe update
    • Problems with ICC 9.0 and optimization with netlib.
  • Agreed to release by End of September.
  • Bug in Canny edge detector fixed (Bill).
  • Some Memory leaks fixed in GDCM (Bill).
  • What number to use for next Release.

Action Items

  • Bill: Track problems with ICC 9.
  • Luis: to check on creating a mailing-list for Insight-Journal.
  • Luis: Add Polar decomposition code at the level of the MatrixOffset transform.
  • Luis: Start a Wiki page for the ITK survey.