Minutes 070607

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  • Jim Miller
  • Luis Ibanez
  • Nick Tuiston


  • Java and SmartPointer
    • Fine with let Gaetan try the proposed solution
    • However Julia is still misusing the smart pointers in the return of her function.
  • ImageIOStreaming
    • If ImageFileReader calls ConvertBuffer, that's an opportunity for cropping the Streamable region back down to the original requested.
    • Beware of assumptions on the ImageRegion having start index 0,0,...
    • Attempt to give the ImageFileWriter some of the API of the StreamingImageFilter
      • Asking the ImageIO for a RegionSplitter and use it with an API similar to the StreamingImageFilter.
    • The series reader may be streamed for free since it calls the ImageFileReader,
      • we probably only have to remove the UpdateLargestPossibleRegion(). make sure that a RequestedRegion has been set on the output.

Action Items