Minutes 042409

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  • Brad Lowekamp
  • Kent Williams
  • Wes Turner

Technical Topics

  • Statistics Refactoring.
    • No new status
  • UseImageSpacingOn with AnisotropicDiffusionImageFilter
  • Moving Papers from the Insight Journal
    • Concerned individuals can adopt IJ articles and move them into Review
    • They can also vote for articles of their own interest that they would like to see moved.
    • Improvements to itkKernelTransform may also be of interest.
  • Moving Papers from Review
    • FunctorAdd/Subtract by constant – Do we need both sets?
    • Are they implemented intelligently or much duplicate lines of code?
    • Multiple classes should be limited as appropriate.

Action Items

  • Kent will write additional tests to increase itkTransform coverage
  • Kent will take a look at ImageNetworkReader IJ article.
  • Wes will take a look at Discrete Fourier Reconstruction.
  • Wes will take a look at Graticule
    • Superseded, Lorensen started Graticule.