Minutes 042106

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  • Bill Lorensen
  • Julien Jomier
  • Luis Ibanez
  • Vincent Magnotta
  • Lydia Ng


  • Borland compiler still have problems with concept checking
  • Some concerns about the burden of explicit instantiation for developers
    • Similar to the wrapping process. Types should be choosen for every class.
    • One file per type. e.g. Image char 3, is one file, Image float 2 is another file.
    • How to ensure that future developers will remember to add the explicit instantiation file for new classes ?
    • How to allow users to turn on selective pieces of the explicit instantiation
    • Could it be possible to generate the files instead of having to put them in CVS ?
  • Papers from the Insight Journal
  • Bill : bug found in the shape iterator.
  • New example on Model to image registration.

Action Items

  • Luis: turn off concept checking for Borland in CMakeLists.txt file.
  • Julien & Brad to set up a Wiki proposal page on the explicit instantiation
  • Luis: to move the Signed Distance class into the Review directory
    • Nick (author) will do code improvements in CVS.
  • Luis: send note to Gaetan to give him CVS write access
  • Luis: send note to the developers list to invite reviewers