Minutes 011609

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  • Nick Tustison
  • Brad Lowkamp
  • Gaetan Lehmann
  • Luis Ibanez

Technical Topics

  • Increasing WrapITK coverage
    • Revisit the list of filters
  • Brad described the changes to ImageFileWriter & ImageIO

Action Items

  • Gaetan: will add a template parameter (PixelType) to the HistogramToImage filters.
    • Leaving as default value the exiting pixel type (to respect backward compatibility)
  • Luis: Continue populating list of WrapITK filter with template parameters
  • Luis: Finish test for Streaming:Compression:Pasting combination.
  • Selecting papers from the Insight Journal
  • Add max() trait to RGBPixel traits.
  • Fix the numeric traits of the RGBPixel
    • max()
    • min()