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Open Questions

Planned use-cases under Paraview

  • VTK-based visualization feasible, but... Use-case for ITK-based image analysis? (Also Paraview-based?)
  • Structure & use-case of writing classes?
  • Annotations: scenario evoked by Joe Hennessey involving .vti format. (What are JHU tasks, what are Kitware tasks?)

  • Relevance Transform nodes? (JHU data seems to be in one common image-based reference space...)

Remaining formats to develop and test

  • Scalar-valued data
    • BYU surface: ITK Generators
      • On-going.
  • Vector-valued data
    • VTP surface: VTK & ITK Generators
    • VTI image: VTK & ITK Generators
  • Landmarks
    • Comes in both .lmk and .vti file formats.
  • Annotations
    • No data. Described by J. Hennessey as feasible in .vti file format.

Integrating new readers: vtkAnalyzeReader, vtkTransformFileReader, itkBYUReader.txx

  • Some new readers needed for KWScene, e.g. vtkAnalyzeImageReader, vtkTransformFileReader, itkBYUReader.txx, may also be needed for Paraview.
  • How to best integrate for both KWScene and Paraview?


  • Just begun. Some issues with XML2 library.


  • Just begun. Need to flesh out entry for existing classes.


  • Transition from SVN to GIT?

Other general open questions

  • Transform Nodes.

Successful tests

  • Scalar-valued data
    • VTK Generators
      • BYU surface: VTK Generators.
      • kwsVTKBYUSurfaceGeneratorTest1
        • render all surfaces from JHU atlas, itself downloaded from MIDAS.
      • Analyze image: VTK Generators.
      • kwsVTKAnalyzeImageGeneratorTest1
        • volume-render JHU right ventricle data
      • kwsVTKAnalyzeImageGeneratorTest2
        • coverage: open synthetic Analyze files of various pixel-type successfully, and report image size.
      • kwsVTKAnalyzeImageGeneratorTest3
        • coverage: same as wsVTKAnalyzeImageGeneratorTest2, but use mrml file with .hdr instead of .img references
    • ITK Generators
      • Analyze image: ITK Generators.
      • kwsITKFactoryBasedImageNodeGeneratorAnalyzeTest
        • open Analyze file of JHU right ventricle data, and report image size; fail if wrong size (not 256x256x256).
      • BYU surface: ITK Generators.
      • kwsITKBYUSurfaceNodeGeneratorTest1
        • coverage: instantiate a BYU reader, add it to scene, use a node generator based on this scene that generates BYU surface node.