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MetaImageImporter, to convert from RAW to MHD

MetaImageImporter is a cross-platform application that generates a .mhd (meta image file format) from a raw file or several raw files. The created file is a header that contains information like origin, spacing, data type, number of components and more importantly that points (relative in most cases, absolute if the mhd and raw files are on 2 separate disk ie: respectively "C:/" and "D:/" ) to the raw file.

MetaImageImporter is a QT frontend of a command line program written by Stephen Aylward that can be found in InsightApplications/MetaImageImporter. As a matter of fact, the supported platforms are the same than Qt.


To generate the meta image file header, the user is asked a series of questions about the raw file. There is one question per panel. Default values are inferred, the user must verify them and change them if wrong before clicking the next button. The raw file path (or raw files paths) is the last question asked to the user because the question depends of the image dimension ( 1D, 2D, 3D...) ie: a single or multi files.

Screen Shots

2nd step, the user is asked the dimension of the raw data
4th step, the user is asked the type of the data
Final step, if the raw data is stored in multiple files, the user can use a fprintf command to import the file names.
Final step, if the raw data is stored in multiple files, the user can enter a list of all the files.


  1. Download and build your favorite Qt version
  2. Download KWPublic
svn co KWPublic
  2. Build KWPublic
  3. MetaImageImporter can be found at: