ITK Roadmap 2007 2008/2008-01-17

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Status Meeting


  • Matt Turek, Luis Ibanez, Stephen Aylward, Julien Jomier, Patrick Reynolds


  • Balance goals of ITK and BW NAC (itk registration optimization)

ITK To-Dos

  1. Release in February
    • Move articles from IJ to ITK/Review
    • Move articles from ITK/Review to proper place in ITK
    • Bug fixes
    • Leaders: Luis, Andinet, Matt
  2. Confirm ITK operation on VSExpress 2008
    • Leaders: ?
  3. RIRE-style projects in conjunction with the IJ
    • Leaders: ?
  4. GPU methods in ITK pipeline
    • Leaders: ?
  5. Data providence in ITK
    • Leaders: ?


  1. Registration Optimization
    • Caching
    • Freeze control points if no samples map to their area of influence
      • e.g., if they are in the background
    • Optimize Viola-Wells implementation
      • Take advantage of BSpline transform test in base itkImageToImageMetric class
    • Conduct performance characterization
      • Different size problems
      • Memory and speed
    • Leaders: Luis, Matt, Stephen
  2. Registration Helper Classes
    • De-bug
    • Include timing information
    • Develop a simple demonstration of their use
    • Create wiki-based documentation
    • Load/save parameter files
    • Leaders: Stephen
  3. Batchmake and Slicer
    • Add support for different experimental designs
      • New looping constructs etc. in BatchMake
      • Custom BatchBoards
      • Leaders: Matthieu Philippe, Julien Jomier

Integration Ideas

How to combine multiple to-dos in a single project/task

  1. Batchmake for registration performance characterization
    • Incorporates
      • BWNAC - BatchMake
      • ITK - RIRE
      • BWNAC - Registration Optimization
    • Concept
    • To-dos
      • Simple example batchmake script
      • ID data (Liz's MR data)
      • Display in IJ: How replicate a batchmake batchboard into another page?
      • Setup reporting structure (what measured and reported in each test?)