ITK Release 4/A2D2 Projects/SCORE++/Tcon-2011-07-11

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  • Marcel Prastawa (Utah)
  • Sean Megason (Harvard)
  • Patrick Reynolds (Kitware)


  • NLM has been contacted regarding setup of authoritative SCORE repository and Midas instance
    • Dream: or
  • API for uploading ground truth
  • Format for ground truth
    • Linked list of meshes (tracks)
    • binary tree of tracks (lineage)
  • Etending tracks for 4D


  • Kitware will work on Midas infrastructure
  • Utah will work on the class hierarchy, looking toward spacial objects as a possible pathway
    • Images, Meshes, Spacial Objects?
  • Harvard will send out their current work on track formats through GoFigure and their database export format