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  • Jim Miller
  • Kent Williams
  • Dan Blezek
  • Vincent Magnotta
  • Brad Lowekamp
  • Xiaoxiao Liu
  • Brad King
  • Luis Ibanez
  • Alex Gouaillard

Project Topics

Technical Topics

  • ITK Tree Structure
    • Any name will work, we just don't want to make this large scale change many times.
  • We need to revisit the process of "Review" to accept new classes into the toolkit.
  • Insight Journal
    • Customize the build of ITK by passing a file with the list of modules that must be ON in order to support the paper.
    • Support the passing of Virtual machines.
  • Collect more use case for the modularization
  • Kent exploring HDF5 as a file format for supporting transforms IO.

Action Items

  • Write documentation on how to take advantage of the current modularization
    • Include use cases such as
      • Prepackaging ITK for an application
      • Combining ITK with other toolkits (e.g. VTK)
  • Move directory ITK/ITK/Validation to ITKApps
  • Delete Directory ITK/ITK/Testing/HTML