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  • Jim Miller
  • Bill Lorensen
  • Brad Lowekamp
  • Dan Blezek
  • Brian Avants
  • Raghu Machiraju
  • Ziv Yaniv
  • Peter Lamb
  • Nick Tustison
  • Kent Williams
  • Xiaoxiao Liu
  • Luis Ibanez

Project Topics

Tcon Time

Reduced time slots to the following four options.

  1. Wednesday 10am EST
  2. Friday 10am EST
  3. Friday 11am EST
  4. Tuesday 3pm EST

Technical Topics

  • Clean up Dashboard after Win64 commit.
  • Still some failing in Sun CC: Luis to investigate (ask Gaetan for help).
  • Bill L. will experiment with solving the MLK in DynamicLoader & Factories
  • Win 64 bits fix
    • How to define
      • SizeValueType
      • IndexValueType
      • OffsetValueType
      • IdentifierType
    • Introduce CMAKE flag to enforce the right behavior
      • take advantage of the LEGACY option.

Action Items

  • Setup KWStyle in cdash@home client machines (Luis)
    • Enable Floating point exceptions in the platforms that work fine (Linux)
    • Disable in the ones where it doesn't quite work yet (Mac OS)
  • Look at failing label image tests in Windows (Luis)