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  • Vincent Magnotta
  • Jim Miller
  • Bill Lorensen
  • Hans Johnson
  • Alex Gouaillard
  • Mathieu Malattere
  • Kent Williams
  • Brad Lowekamp
  • Mark Roden
  • John Galeotti
  • David Cole
  • Luis Ibanez
  • Marc Niethammer
  • Cory Quammen

Project Topics

  • Reviewed / improved agenda for November meeting

Technical Topics

  • Review of changes in Gerrit
  • Discussed license changes
  • Discussed Git/Gerrit instructions
  • Discussed the current draft process of the Migration Guide

Action Items

  • Mathieu to address some failing tests on openjpeg and gdcm
  • Dave to look at dash19 and dash11
  • Luis to track difference between the multiple builds of hopper lab.
  • Kent to remove trivial asserts
  • Luis to look at the coverage build
  • Luis and Marcus to clean up the Git/Gerrit instructions in the Wiki
  • Luis to ask Marcus if the "git" command that we copy from Gerrit, can include a "-b topic-name" so that a branch is created just after the code is checked out.