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WrapITK Installation Steps for WrapITK installation

Required tools

  • your usual compiler
  • Swig for Mac OS X [1]
  • CMake [2]
  • Doxygen [3]
  • Git [4]

optionally ( but we recommend it highly ! )

Download ITK

Download ITK as explained | here

Build ITK

Create a BUILD directory and go there (example given for linux/mac)

mkdir BUILD

Run CCMake (example given for linux/mac)

ccmake ..

Set the following CMake flags ON:

  • ITK_USE_REVIEW (This is an advanced option, you would need to toggle them on)

Then Choose which language(s) you want to create libraries for by setting the corresponding flag ON

  • WRAP_ITK_TCL ...

Note that if you choose more than one, you might want to switch the following flag ON as well to sped up the process ( Examples of speed ups here ).


Much improvement in building speed can be achieve by enabling ccache.

Now, keep configuring until the "generate" option appears. Generate. Compile.