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  • Dropping CableSwig
  • Using Swig Directly
    • Along with GCC_XML
  • Two Levels of Wrapping
    • Wrapping the Simplified Layer (many wrapping tools will do)
    • Wrapping the Templated Layer (WrapITK,GCC_XML)
  • Managing multiple component images
    • Microscopy use cases
    • Remote Sensing cases
    • itkVectorImage ?
    • need a "component-by-component" filter driver ?
  • Make easy to add new types (e.g. another pixel type for the image...)
    • Run time binding may help here (along with the internal finder)
  • Make possible (easy?) to distribute binaries of the wrapping.
    • Maybe use the package manager (Ryppl ?).
    • The same goes for the C++ version.
  • Remove (or deprecate) itkSetVectorMacro and itkGetVectorMacro

they make the generated methods unusable in the target languages, and are not used that much in ITK

[glehmann@gbook build]$ grep -r etVectorMacro ~/src/Insight/Code/*/*.h | wc -l

They are used in two quite common filters - ChangeInformationImageFilter and PadImageFilter - and this makes this filter at least partly unusable in the target languages.