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Adding a New Class to a Module

It is necessary to understand the structure of a module before adding a class to it,

Please read first:

Then continue with the following process

Where to put it

Which module it belongs to?

The module grouping is listed in



Does the new class brings in new dependency to this module?

If yes, then you need to edit the module's dependency list in the file


that you will find in the top directory of every module.

One should avoid adding module dependencies without consulting the developer's list

The Code

Put code in the right directory

  1. If it is a template class, put the header and the template files into "include" directory.
  2. If it is a library source class, put the cxx file into "src" directory, and the corresponding header into "include" directory.
    • Also need to edit the src/CMakeLists.txt accordingly.

Add unit tests

Edit the file


according to the notes in