ITK/Release 4/DICOM/Tcon 2011 06 09

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  • Would like to get into more detail about PACs support

Week Status and progress

  • GDCM Libs still not showing up properly
  • Windows xp and 7 machines now running ITK with GDCM system
  • Prep for NAMIC
  • WIn 7 Errors

DCMTK Integration

  • Example of new example from OFFIS [1]
  • Existing CMake FindDCMTK()
    • Doesn't work for all types of builds (I don't remember all the details, but code revisit if needed)
    • To find libraries, hard-codes /Release and /Debug paths. Not specific to which build the current project is running
  • Investigate how it integrates in CTK project
    • CTK uses SuperBuild. Very nice, but complex to use since ITKv4 is not using SuperBuild.
    • CTK has a local repository of DCMTK with patches applied.
      • Custom DCMTK.cmake file in CMakeExternals (part of SuperBuild structure)
      • Custom FindDCMTK.cmake under Utilities/CMake
        • Much cleaner than default implementation included with CMake
        • Still has /Release, /Debug paths hard-coded
  • It would be nice to work with DCMTK project to beef up Find/Use scripts to work with latest Git repository.

To Do

  • Write up Project for NAMIC
  • Iron out Win 7 Errors
  • Continue fixing missing library problem