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System gdcm

  • System GDCM is now stable on Win XP VS10


  • our fork of ITK is now stable, we keep the GDCM warnings ON in our copy time to address them. then we will switch main ITK back on.
  • building our branch of itk against linux, mac and windows:
    • Testing machines are: ARW.CoSMo.Boston and CoSMoTest-WinXP
    • < each meeting should start or include browsing those machines and discuss remaining bugs/warnings >
    • would anyone contribute buildhosts for that? We are missing windows buildhosts for ITK anyway.


  • fix library naming problem
  • fix library linking problem (modularization design shortcoming - thanks Brad K. for patch)
  • fix buildhosts
  • List of commits:
  • Reviewing Gaetan's Master(Statistics) Branch
    • Change Ia7ba3068: ENH: provide default parameter values in ImageToHistogramFilter
    • Change I957bc8ac: ENH: drop the decorator layout in HistogramToImageFilter
    • Change Ie5ca1a6c: ENH: add a new test for the conversion image-histogram
    • Change Ie2244566: BUG: HistogramToImageFilter is not checking the histogram size
    • Change If613f4ab: ENH: use an image type in HistogramToImageFilter template parameter
    • Change I9677cc8f: ENH: unify the numeric traits API
    • Change I5cab1e97: ENH: return the actual number of component used in the image
    • Change I7f6cf2ef: ENH: provide a default size for the generated histogram
    • Change I56e1302e: COMP: ImageToListSampleAdaptor was not usable with a VectorImage
    • Change I5d5d8209: ENH: Add a base class to transform an image in something else
  • Bill Ryan has posted a sample project to GitHub to test various ways to include DCMTK as an external project. The link is
  • New Patch for System GDCM Libs,1696

next week (and more)

    • note for the community, it is possible that all third party module fail the same way when using system versions ...)
  • Iron out all remaining warnings / failing tests with systems gdcm
  • merge system gdcm in ITK on github (to have gdcm warnings enable on our buildhosts)
  • Iron out new errors / warnings if any
  • Merge in ITK (ouch - help?)
  • re-enable GDCM errors in ITK
  • redirect our buidlhost to main ITK

Before June meeting

  • fix protocol support
  • fix streaming
  • implement RT-support