ITK/Release 4/DICOM/Tcon 2011 05 13

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Weekly Progress

  • Built up git expertise in the team
  • set up process with the team
  • Buildhosts installed
  • GDCM forked on github
  • ITK with systems gdcm compiled and fixed (mac and linux, missing libs)

Weekly questions and remarks for discussion

  • gdcm does not export list of libs and LIBRARY_DIRS, it makes the compilation fails on windows, it is ok on other platforms
    • Need to modify the GDCMConfig.cmake to export those values nicely
    • How to deal with the build tree when there is either "debug" or "release"?
  • What is the new correct way to import that on ITK side?
    • old way was : find_package(gdcm required), include( useGDCM )
    • new (modular) way seems to define variables of the like: ITK-<MODULE>_<VARIABLE>
    • absolute path or lib name only ?
    • how to keep it portable (no .lib extension)
  • Experimenting with CMake to get proper DCMTK Libraries to link (similar to GDCM integration)

to do

Phase 1

  • iron out all errors and warnings if any left
  • merge into ITK proper
  • sync up with gdcm

Phase 2

finish implementation

  • PACS support => drew
  • STREAMING => drew (+luis?)
  • RT-STRUCT => Alex
  • Abstract layer => CoSMo Software + Mayo Clinic? + luis?