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We are pleased to announce the release of the InsightToolkit 4.2.0! Download links can be found at:

This release is the second since ITK 4.0 and includes a number of bug fixes and new features.

Notable changes:

  • an abundance of bug fixes and compiler issues were addressed
  • Addition of GPU modules for Finite Difference, Smoothing, Thresholding, and Registration
  • Physics-Based Non-Ridged Registration
  • Addition of Patch-Based denosing
  • Infrastructure for Remote Modules
  • Numerous Registration V4 enhancements
  • And Much More!

We have also improved compiler support. Specifically, we have been compiling with the latest gcc 4.7.0. And now Visual Studio 10 works without any workarounds.

A complete list of changes since the prior release can be found here: ITK/Release_4.2_Changed_From_Previous

New contributors with merged patches include:

  • Dave Chen
  • Marc Bruce
  • Michael Jeulin-L
  • Ren-Hui Gong
  • T.R Shashwath

Thanks to our gerrit code review system its easy to contribute bug fixes and patches.