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Announcement: ITK 4.1.0 has been released!

We are happy to announce the release of the InsightToolkit 4.1.0! Download links can be found at:

This release is the first since ITK 4.0.0 and includes a number of bug fixes and new features. Related to the transition to Git, it also is the first release to deviate from the even-only minor release number.

Notable changes:

  • A plethora of bug fixes.
  • VTK Bridge support improved -- currently requires VTK Git master.
  • A number of improvements to the Registrationv4 framework.
  • A new TimeVaryingBSplineVelocityFieldTransform.
  • New Deconvolution filtering module with a number of classes.
  • Performance improvements to the LevelSetsv4 framework.
  • Better WrapITK support.
  • A new video filtering module that includes a method to use standard filters in a video pipeline.

Some performance regressions were identified that were related to the use of GetInput() and GetOutput() in the inner loop of a filter. If you find similar behavior, please report it to the mailing list and issue tracker.

On the compiler front, CLang support continues to improve. Issues have been identified with parallel Visual Studio 10 builds. It appears that Visual Studio 10 has difficulty handling the many projects that result when BUILD_TESTING and BUILD_EXAMPLES are ON. The current workaround is to set

Tools>Options>Projects and Solutions>Build and Run>Maximum number of parallel project builds


InsightApplications (from the ITKApps repository) has also seen a number of updates to ITKv4, mostly thanks to the work of Bill Lorenson and Arnaud Gelas. When building InsightApplications, it is recommended to use the “superbuild” by pointing CMake to the directory


as the target source directory.

New contributors with merged patches include

  • Andriy Kot
  • Felix Morency

In the upcoming 4.2 release, we will actively re-engage the community and will be seeking out new contributors.