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CMake 2.4 supports install components. Default component ALL will install all components. After that, each file can be in one component. When specifying components during install procedure, only the files corresponding to the component will be installed. Using this mechanism, packaging user projects that use itk will be simpler. For example, Slicer Runtime, only requires runtime libraries from ITK, while Slicer Development must include all the header files and other support files.

Classification of Files

Classification refers to the component in which the files are going to be installed.

Componnet Files Comment
Development *.h, *.txx, *.hxx, (plus kwsys, itksys, gxsys files)
*.lib, *.a
*.idx, *.mdx, *.swg, CSwing subdirectory
vtk*Kit.cmake List of classes for external wrapping
ITKConfig.cmake, ITKBuldSettings.cmake, ITKLibraryDepends.cmake, UseITK.cmake
CMake subdirectory
Documentation Man pages, html pages, *.dic
RuntimeLibraries *.dll, *.so
*.tcl, *.py,
RuntimeExecutables itkwish
Examples *.exe


Instead of:

INSTALL_TARGETS(/lib itkCommon) 

New command should be used:

   RUNTIME DESTINATION bin COMPONENT Runtime     # .exe, .dll
   LIBRARY DESTINATION lib COMPONENT Runtime     # .so, mod.dll
   ARCHIVE DESTINATION lib COMPONENT Development # .a, .lib

Instead of:

 INSTALL_FILES(/directory FILES foo1 foo2)

New command should be used:

 INSTALL(FILES foo1 foo2 DESTINATION directory)


  • Each install should correspond to one of these components

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